We all look forward to holidays as the world routine is getting faster and faster. And most of us again dream of the future good memories before taking a vacation.


Let us insure you with travel health insurance including coverage items against any potential bad surprise before you take a vacation...Then the only thing you should do is to collect your memories...


Moreover, if you a frequent-traveler, you can purchase your insurance policy for international travels at different periods up to 1 year.


Because #lifeiseasier with Gunes Sigorta!


Scope of Coverage

Coverages, provided under your policy, determine the scope of coverage. We recommend you to review your policy to be fully familiar with the service advantages provided under your insurance policy.

  • Medical treatment for injuries or diseases
  • Transportation of the insured due to injuries or diseases
  • Transportation in case of decease
  • Transportation of the insured to her/his permanent residence following discharge from the hospital
  • Transportation of a family member due to treatment to the insured
  • Accomodation of a family member due to treatment to the insured
  • Medical Consultancy Services
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Lost/Damaged/Stolen baggage in scheduled flights
  • Bail of related to legal proceedings ( in debt )
  • Organization for shipment of medicines


*The above-given information is provided to inform users. For further information, please review the terms and conditions of the policies.