Having dominated the global agenda for the last few years as a universal problem, the global warming and climate change brings along natural disasters such as flood and severe drought causing great damages.

On the other hand, the need towards alternative energy sources increase day after another. Having passed its 60th year within the sector, with each innovative step, Güneş Sigorta keeps always prioritizing its responsibilities for the environment that surrounds it besides of those against the sector.

With such a consciousness Güneş Sigorta generates its own energy since 2009 by the Solar Energy Plant installed at the General Directorate building. Supplying a part of its own electricity demand through the Solar Energy Plant generating an average 9 MWh of energy per year, Güneş Sigorta avoids the emission of 5.47 tons of yearly carbondioxide with such a project realized under the framework of corporate social responsibility.

Such volume of emission equals to a land drive of 9,963 km on fossil based fuel. The same amount of carbondioxide can only be compensated by a year-long absorption of 547 trees. Having celebrated the 9th anniversary of solar energy utilization in March 2018, Güneş Sigorta has had saved approximately 76,284.00 kWh of energy until today. This way, it avoided a total 60.586,40 kg of carbondioxide emission.