Assuming that you have decided to maintain an extensive health insurance saying that "Health comes first". Okyanus Limitsiz Ekstra is just what you need!


Okyanus Limitsiz Health Insurance provides you with comprehensive coverages for health expenses to arise either at home or abroad.


Not to mention about the life-long renewal guarantee in 3 years without imposing extra premium due to policy utilization...


Because #lifeiseasier with Gunes Sigorta!


Scope of Coverage

Coverages, provided under your policy, determine the scope of coverage. Therefore, we kindly recommend you to look into your policy in detail. Before purchasing your policy and visiting our agency, you can review the below-given coverages to be informed of this product in general terms.


Inpatient Treatment Coverage Items
• Hospital services (Operation, operating room, anesthesia, medicines, laboratory, radiology, etc.)
• Room, hospital bed, meal and attendant's fees during the period of hospitalization
• Cornea, kidney, pancreas, liver, heart and lung transplantation
• ESWL, Gamma Knife costs
• Coronary angiography
• Postoperative physiotherapy
• Home medical care services to help the insured in daily living activities and support them in social terms
• Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
• cast application, simple burn injury treatment and Short-term medical treatments of less than 24 hours (Observation, short-stay)
• Artificial limb expenses due to loss of any limb caused by an accident or disease
• Treatments at intensive care units
• Birth and caesarean costs following a waiting period of 12 months (limitless at contracted private institutions)
• Dental and nasal treatments due to traffic accidents
• Inpatient treatment costs up to 65.000 Euro in foreign countries

In all contracted health institutions, inpatient treatment costs are 100% limitless. In non-contracted health institutions, inpatient treatments are borne with a contribution of %30 and the doctor fee is borne up to the two-folds of the fee set out under the minimum tariff fee determined by the Turkish Medical Association.

Outpatient Treatment Coverage Items
• Medical doctor's examination
• Diagnostic examinations
• Medication
• Physiotherapy
• Medical equipment (Crutch, corset, knee-guard, neck collar, etc.) (Annual limit of TRY 500)

In all contracted health institutions, outpatient treatment costs are borne with a contribution of %20 limitness.

If you are protected with Okyanus Limitsiz Health Insurance, outpatient treatment costs are borne with a contribution of 20% for the insured while inpatients treatment costs are fully borne without any limit in all contracted healthcare providers. 


What are the services provided exclusively for this product?


Check-up Mammography / Check-up PSA

All our insured women customers aged 40 and over can utilize the Check-up Mammography service, one of the most effective methods of early diagnosis of breast cancer, while all our insured men customers aged 40 and over can utilize the PSA service, one of the most important diagnostics methods of prostate cancer, at the contracted healthcare provider, determined by our company for this service, once a year.

Gunes Bebek

New-born babies with their delivery costs borne by our company are insured with the coverage of Lifelong Renewal guarantee as of the date of birth, taking the advantage of being a GUNES BEBEK.


You can benefit from the free check-up service once a year at the contracted healthcare providers.


** "Loyalty Package" exclusive for Okyanus (They want this package be highlighted, so it can be used as a fixed content)

Once the insured with a lifelong renewal guarantee complete the 5th anniversary of being insured under individual health insurances at Gunes Sigorta, all costs and expenses to arise from such diseases as septal deviation, congenital anomalies, Alzheimer and epilepsy, which are generally not covered, will also be borne!


*The above-given information is provided to inform users. For further information, please review the terms and conditions of the policies.