Micro Loan

Women with low income, who received loan under the scope of Grameen MicroCredit Loan program that en- ables them to step into the economic life, were includ- ed under the coverage of MicroInsurance developed by Güneş Sigorta at the end of 2011. Being imple- mented in a total of 175 countries with the purpose of introducing women with low income into the eco- nomic life, the MicroCredit Loan program has been applied in Turkey since 2003.


In 2018 it was celebrated the 7th anniversary of the Turkish Grameen MicroCredit Loan Program, which has been aimed to spread across all provinces of Turkey and conducted in partnership with Prof. Mu- hammed Yunus, the Nobel award winner pioneer of the program.


Within the scope of Micro Insurance, women with low income are also secured against terrorist violance and natural disasters such as earthquakes besides of the coverages provided against accidental death and per- manent disability.


This insurance product, which guarantees not only the woman enterpreneurs but also their lives and fam- ilies, can be acquired by woman MicroCredit loanees at 14 TRY per year.


Güneş Sigorta has, on the other hand, diversified its ‘Micro’ products with MikroKonut (MicroHouse) in April 2013. While providing the woman enterpreneurs with low income the opportunity to secure their homes against basic risks at 14 TRY per year, it is aimed both to come through the possible risks with least harm and to increase the consciousness within the society toward insurance.


In 2018, 16,574 clients were insured under Micro- House policy, while an approximate indemnity amount of 116.130,00 TRY have been paid to beneficiaries.