Private health insurance, necessary for foreigners to reside in our country, protects your health in your new life in Turkey.


Purchase your Gunes Health Insurance for Foreigners to benefit from the extensive coverage items and privileged services, and take a step closer to live in Turkey...


Because #lifeiseasier with Gunes Sigorta!


Scope of Coverage

Coverages, provided under your policy, determine the scope of coverage. We recommend you to review your policy to be fully familiar with the service advantages provided under your insurance policy.

Inpatient Treatment Coverage Items

  • Hospital services (Operation, operating room, anesthesia, medicines, laboratory, radiology, etc.)
  • Room, hospital bed, meal and attendant's fees during the period of hospitalization
  • Cornea, kidney, pancreas, liver, heart and lung transplantation
  • ESWL, Gamma Knife costs
  • Coronary angiography
  • All diagnostic biochemical, microbiological, pathological studies, radiological examination and imaging during inpatient treatment process
  • Postoperative physiotherapy
  • Home medical care services to help the insured in daily living activities and support them in social terms
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  • Short-term medical treatments of less than 24 hours (observation, short-stay) for food poisoning, cast application, simple burn injury treatments, etc.
  • Artificial limb expenses due to loss of any limb caused by an accident ot disease
  • Treatments at intensive care units
  • Dental and nasal treatments due to traffic accidents


Outpatient Treatment Coverage Items

  • Medical doctor's examination
  • Diagnostic examinations
  • Medication
  • Physiotherapy


Your inpatients treatment costs are full covered at all contracted healthcare providers while these costs are covered with a contribution of 20% for the insured with an annual limit of TRY 20.000.- at all non-contracted healthcare providers. Outpatient treatment costs are covered with a contribution of 40% for the insured with an annual limit of TRY 2.000.-.


*The above-given information is provided to inform users. For further information, please review the terms and conditions of the policies.