Our living conditions are getting harder with each passing day. You cannot help but deal with many problems every day. When we step inside our homes leaving all these hassles behind, the only thing we want is to find peace.


We have prepared the comprehensive Gunesli Ev Ekstra policy so that your peace at home can never ever be disturbed. Providing beyond-expectation coverage, Gunesli Ev Ekstra is just for you if you don't want to experience any bad scenario in your life.


Because #lifeiseasier with Gunes Sigorta!


Scope of Coverage

Coverages, provided under your policy, determine the scope of coverage. We recommend you to look into the coverages under this product outstanding with a wide range of coverages from food to food spoilage, and from third person liability (including pets) to the belongings of your guests.

  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Earthquake and volcanic eruption
  • Strike, lock-out, turmoil, civil commotions, malicious actions, terrorism
  • Other fire coverages
  • Hail
  • Debris removal costs
  • Neighborhood, tenancy liability
  • Burglary/Theft
  • Loss of rent, costs of change of address of domicile 
  • Glass Breakage
  • Personal accident
  • Legal protection related to real estate
  • İnsulation damages
  • Building fixtures protection
  • Building fixed asset theft/burglary
  • Cash money
  • Paint and whitewash costs
  • Off-housing insured items
  • Purse-Snatching
  • Food spoilage
  • Electronic devices & equipment
  • Third person liability (including pets)
  • Landscape
  • Belongings of guests
  • Aquarium coverage
  • Storage of damaged items
  • Vehicles inside the garage
  • Valuable items Burglary/Theft 

Is that all? Of course, no! We always stand by you with our Domestic Assistance Service...

Well, what do these "domestic assistance services" mean? Let us sketch out. But you had better look into your policy for further details...


  • Ambulance transport to housing
  • Installation, electricity, keys, glass works
  • Central Heating Boiler Maintenance Service
  • Rescue of persons inside the housing
  • Hotel service
  • Security company
  • Assistance in case of admission to a hospital
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Professional household services organization
  • Procurement of information and organization service
  • Legal counseling


*The above-given information is provided to inform users. For further information, please review the terms and conditions of the policies.