Keeping on making differences in insurance industry by the support it has provided to sports and successes it has achieved since its foundation, long journey of Gunes Sigorta with sports started with Gunes Sigorta Sports Team, which it founded in 1986.

Shortly afterwards its foundation, Gunes Sigorta Woman's Volleyball Team became Turkey Youth Champion in Woman Volleyball League in 1992 and Turkey Champion in Woman Volleyball League in 1993.

The success of the volleyball team was also marked in the industry and Turkish Women's Volleyball League in the subsequent years.

In the 50th year of its foundation, Gunes Sigorta blazed a trail again and founded Gunes Sigorta Sailing Team.  In 2007, whole Gunes Sigorta family and immediate relatives attended the corporate-wide training. Training on maritime and sailing was provided to approximately 120 people.

At the end of the year, Gunes Sigorta Sailing Team, who will make a name by successes it will further achieve, was founded.

Moving on with captain Deniz Yilmaz since its foundation, Gunes Sigorta Sailing Team continues to attract attentions with its successful performance this year in TAYK Trophy, which is one of the most important sailing cups of our country and called as league of maritime, through the excellent unity and communication coordination of the team, as well as its patient and self-sacrificing efforts.