Having a car is a youth dream for some, and a must, on the other hand, for some...Regardless of the underlying reason, if you have a car and it is damaged even slightly while you don't have a motor own damage insurance policy, this means you would have so many things to worry.


Purchase your Gunes Extended Motor Own Damage Policy before it is too late, and let us consider all risks instead of you, and keep enjoying your travels!


Let you to think only of traffic on the road, whether it is a long or short one. We stand by you with Gunes Extended Motor Own Damage Policy for the other risks you might face.


Because #lifeiseasier with Gunes Sigorta!


Scope of Coverage

Coverages, provided under your policy, determine the scope of coverage. So, what are the coverages provided under Gunes Extended Motor Own Damage Policy that offers you and your vehicle a comprehensive coverage?

Scope of Coverage

  • Burning
  • Theft
  • Crash and collision
  • Strike, lock-out, civil commotion, terrorism
  • Flood and deluge
  • Theft due to loss of keys
  • Damages other than fire caused by contact with cigarette and similar items inside the vehicle
  • Towing by unauthorized persons
  • Carriage of explosive and inflammable substances
  • Freight
  • Depreciation
  • Refueling with improper fuel
  • No-claim protection
  • Interruption of business
  • Damages caused by earthquake, landslide, storm, hail, lightning and volcanic eruption
  • Mini repair
  • Change of locking mechanism due to loss of keys
  • Personal effects coverage
  • Damages caused by rodents and other animals
  • Audio-visual devices
  • International damages
  • Optional liability
  • Optional liability claims for moral damages
  • Personal accident seat
    • Personal accident seat, death and permanent disability coverage
    • Personal accident emergency service coverage
    • Personal accident seat earthquake coverage
  • Legal protection
    • Legal protection for motor vehicle
    • Legal protection for driver


What are the Car Assistance Services?

You have purchased your Gunes Extended Motor Own Damage Policy. Supposing that you have encountered with a risk, although it's not desirable, and covered your damage under the above-given coverages. Well, what kinds of assistance are offered to you? We offer the below-given services to you and your vehicle, making the life easier for you during that moment.

Vehicle Coverages

  • Vehicle towing
  • Vehicle rescue
  • Roadside assistance
  • Vehicle towing in case of run out of fuel
  • Vehicle door locking service
  • Tire change
  • Accommodation due to vehicle accident and breakdown
  • Return to the permanent residence due to vehicle accident and breakdown or keep travelling
  • Vehicle replacement to keep traveling due to vehicle accident and breakdown
  • Post-accident vehicle replacement (applicable for passenger cars or trucks insured by real persons)
  • Security and protection of repaired or found cars
  • Travel to bring the car back
  • Professional driver service
  • Supply and transportation of spare parts  


Personal Coverages

  • Post-accident ambulance service
  • Return or transportation of beneficiaries in case of disease or injury
  • Return or transportation of beneficiaries to their permanent residences following treatment
  • Transportation of accompanying beneficiaries or dispatch of them to their permanent residences
  • Travel and accommodation of any of the family members of the insured due to the medical treatment of the insured
  • Travel expenses to arise following decease of a close family member
  • Travel expenses to arise from any damage occurring in the house
  • Extension of accommodation period due to injury of beneficiaries in a traffic accident occurring in any country other than the country of residence
  • Transportation of the deceased beneficiary
  • Shipment of medicines
  • Transmission of urgent messages


Mini Repair Coverage 

Thanks to Gunes Extended Motor Own Damage Policy, if your insurance policy starts-up at 2018 you can benefit from mini repair services at Auto King service stations, if it starts-up in 2019 at RS Repair Service stations preventing minor problems from becoming major ones. Are you asking how? You can have your car repaired at Auto King Service Stations for the below-given damages before expiration of your no-claim bonus.

  • Unpainted Body Ding Removal
  • Painted and Damaged Body Ding Removal
  • Paint Repair, Minor Patch
  • Plastic Bumper and Part Repair
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim Repair
  • Interior Trim Repair
  • Windshield Repair
  • Stain Removal

Mini Repair Service Stations

For AutoKing Service Stations please click here
For RS Repair Service Stations please click here

*The above-given information is provided to inform users. For further information, please review the terms and conditions of the policies.