Always prioritizing its missions for the world we live in, as well as it is responsibility to the industry, Gunes Sigorta has started off a project that will create tremendous impression.

Generating its own energy through the Solar Power Plant located in its Head Office building, Gunes Sigorta has also added Hybrid Vehicles to its scope of Green Motor Insurance that was created for 100% Electric Vehicles.

Gunes Sigorta, bringing its nature friendly approach into agenda now with a brand new project that will make our world breath, is planting a seedling for each Green Car Insurance starting from May 1, 2018 in order to support 7 Trees project of CEKUL Foundation.

In the project that will continue until September 20, 2019, the seedlings to be planted on behalf of our agent and each of our insurers, who buys Green Motor Insurance Policy, will grow and green up in Ucmakdere-2, Tekirdag.