Alparslan Sahin, who has graduated from the Department of International Relations of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University in 1999, started to hold office as an Assistant Auditor at T. Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O. within the same year, after having served as an Officer in Turkiye Halk Bankasi for a period of three months in 2000.

Mr.Sahin, who has served as an Assistant Auditor at T.Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O between 2000-2003, and as an Auditor at the said Bank between 2003-2007, served as the Assistant Manager at the Commercial Loans Management of T.Vakiflar Bankasi A.O. between 2007-2011.

Mr.Sahin, who held office as a Manager at the Corporate Marketing Management of T.Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O. between 2011-2017, has been continuing to serve as the Head at the Gunesli Corporate Center of T.Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O. since 2017.

Alparslan Sahin, who holds the Capital Market Activities Level 3, Credit Rating and Derivative Instruments licenses, is married and is the father of two children. Mr. Sahin has a good command of English.